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While the Coronavirus continues to develop and spread, people are adapting to new ways of life.

Unfortunately, some people are not able to make such changes as easily. For those who live with disabilities, in group homes, the option to make such sweeping changes to their lifestyle may not be as easy as one might think. Many are stuck inside during this challenging time. Today we would like to speak to this issue and remind everyone that while routines may be interrupted, there is hope!

Marci Boucher, CEO of Independence First, has some good news to share with everyone that is impacted by the virus. She says staff is making calls to all of those enrolled in Independence First programs to do wellness checks. Also, Independence First is offering family members, of clients, the opportunity to earn wages for taking care of their loved ones; which encourages the family to spend more time together.

Marci says: “We can do things virtually and move our classes online," Boucher said. "We’re doing fun virtual tours like of Italy, and stuff like that because you can’t get out. We’re just trying to do some things that engage people and keep them occupied.”

Recently, Eisenhower Center faced closures due to COVID-19. Boucher encourages Eisenhower Center clients to reach out to Independence First with questions or to find resources.

If you would like to hear more about the situation surrounding Eisenhower Center, please click here

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