IndependenceFirst assists polling places to become accessible and helps people with disabilities get registered to vote, as well as providing resources for people with disabilities on voting.  If you have a question about voting, have a problem accessing your polling place or have a need for information & referral call 414-291-7520 V/Relay.  

For curbside voting, drive up to your polling place and call the number on the sign outside of the polling place, and they will bring a ballot to you. Government Accountability Board information on curbside voting

The next statewide general elections in Wisconsin are:  

Spring Primary: February 21, 2017
Spring Election: April 4, 2017

State offices to be elected are State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Supreme Court Justice, Court of Appeals Judge (Districts 1, 2 and 4), and Circuit Court Judge

Voting Resources: 

WI Residents: Find Out If You Are Registered To Vote

Voter Registration Information for Wisconsin

Bring It To The Ballot: Know What ID You Need
WI Disability Vote Coalition: Polling Place Accessibility Info and More
Find Polling Location and Elected Representatives

Contact Your Municipal Clerk To Learn If Early Voting Is Available
State and Federal reps - Type In Your Zip Code

Student and First-Time Voter Resource Guide

Disability Voter Rights Hotline:  844/DIS-VOTE (347-8683) V/Relay 

PDF Guide:

Voter Photo ID Law Info

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