Instructions for Receiving a Refurbished Computer

To be considered to receive a refurbished computer, both a referral form and application form must be completed and submitted. 

  1. The Computer Recycling Program Referral Form needs to be completed by a professional person that works with people with disabilities.  This form must be received before or at the same time that the Computer Recycling Program Consumer Application is submitted. 
  2. The Computer Recycling Program Consumer Application should be completed and signed by the person who intends to receive a computer.  This form must be received after or at the same time as the Computer Recycling Program Referral Form. 
Questions? Call 414-291-7520 V/Relay and ask for the Computer Recycling Program

Eligibility to Receive a Recycled Computer
Recipient applicants must meet program requirements:
  • Recipient must have a disability.
  • Household income must not exceed 150% federal poverty level.
  • Main use of computer should be for betterment of the recipient.
Family Size Monthly Income Cannot Exceed This Amount
1 $ 1,471.25
2 $ 1,991.25
3 $ 2,511.25
4 $ 3,031.25
5 $ 3,551.25
6 $ 4,071.25
7 $ 4,591.25
8 $ 5,111.25

Please fill out the form below to submit your referral information:

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How will the consumer receive their application?:

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