Many people prefer to live in the community and outside of nursing homes.  We help them to get the support they need to move out successfully.

We assist people with disabilities who are living in nursing homes, intermediate care facilities for intellectual disability, or other types of institutions, to relocate into a community-based living environment in Metro Milwaukee.  Staff provide individualized services with advocacy assistance, skills training, and assistance in helping to understand and utilize federal, state and county programs during the transition process. There is a short waiting list for services.

Participants are expected to be actively involved in their transition planning. They are to work with staff on determining goals and will be responsible for helping make sure that their goals become reality.

For those in need of state and county assistance, in order to be eligible for those services, the person must have been in an institution for at least three (3) months. We also do have a nursing home transition peer group that meets on a regular basis. There is no charge for nursing home transition services.

Goals of Nursing Home Transition/Relocation Program

  • To educate persons with disabilities about their choices for community-based living.
  • To teach persons with disabilities decision-making skills and to be their own advocates as they deal with all of the people involved in a transition.
  • To teach persons with disabilities the skills necessary for them to live in the community.
  • To help persons with disabilities to identify community resources and move back to the community with necessary supports.

Contact: Julie Alexander 414-226-8378 V/Relay

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