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Your tax-deductible donation helps so many people

Here are just a few ways your donation supports our community:

Meet Harrison

Photo of Harrison seated wearing a polo shirt

“I want to thank you for being part of the team of people who helped him get through the last 10 months.Your guidance and encouragement were so helpful and we really appreciate YOU!!
Harrison always looked forward to your classes. You gave him practical advice and empowered him to have a positive attitude and to work on things that he could control. Most importantly, you were a window to the outside world, which we all need during this time.”
- Harrison’s parents

Meet Dalphina

Dalphina smiling and standing with an assistive device

Dalphina is 46 years old and has Quadriplegia. Dalphinausually gets Botox injections every few months to help withspasticity/contractures of her legs and hasn’t been able to do so during the pandemic due to the clinic being closed. Independence First purchased a standing frame for Dalphina. Having the standing frame during the pandemic benefits her because she can have her legs stretched out for a period of time to help with the spasticity and prevent further contractures from developing.

Meet Katie and Joseph

A man with yellow shirt sitting in a wheelchair next to a woman with a red shirt

“Independence First has allowed my boys to be able to have their personal care workers come in and help them get up ready for the day, so that they’re successful, go off to the community, whatever they’ve chosen to do.”-
Katie, Independence First PersonalCare Worker and mom of two consumers