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Equipment Reuse & Exchange


How to donate:

Independence First accepts donations of gently used adaptive equipment for re-utilization (as our storage space allows). Donated items should be clean, in good working order, and have all associated parts. Please note, we cannot accept donations of tube feeding supplies, catheter supplies, hospital beds, breathing related technology, items that have expired or items that cannot be sanitized. We cannot pick up donated items. We will accept unopened packages of adult diapers, pull ups and bladder pads, unopened packages of bed pads, unopened packages of wipes, unopened bottles of odor neutralizer.

How to receive equipment:

Items may be requested through the AT4all website, and picked up at our Milwaukee Office. An appointment is required for pick up to ensure staff availability. Demographic information, contact information and a waiver signature will be required for all reuse items. 

  • Individuals who request more than 2 devices, multiple devices of the same or similar type, or devices with a combined value of more than $500.00 will be required to have an assessment to insure user safety.   

  • For safety and liability reasons Independence First will not offer reuse of equipment for that exceeds the manufacturer’s recommended weight tolerance or usage restrictions. This may require us to ask for personal or environmental information. 

  • Priority will be given to uninsured individuals and those within our service area.  

  • Requests by or on behalf of for-profit entities, parties with contractual or statutory payer obligations, insurance companies, and long-term care facilities will not be honored. 

  • Independence First reserves the right to make final decisions on equipment reuse or distribution in line with legal, statutory, and policy requirements.   

All items have been sanitized, but wiping them down with sanitizing wipes prior to use is recommended.  

Please contact Cindi at 414-226-8385 to reserve an item and schedule a time for pick up. 

How to navigate the AT4ALL WEBSITE:

Screenshot of the home page. This website is accessible by screen reader

1 Click on "Item List" to view device lists 

2 Click on "Program" and select “LEND by Independence First” 

3 Click on Transaction Type and Select “Free” to see a listing of reuse devices available through this program 

4 If you find an item you would like to request you will need to create an account 

Screenshot of the home page. This website is accessible by screen reader

5 Add your requests to your cart 

6 Click on the cart icon

7 Click on “Checkout.” Your requests will be forwarded to the program coordinator, who will contact you.   


Other Resources for Donating Medical Equipment