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Personal Care Assistance

Our Personal Caregiver program provides support at home for individuals with disabilities. We help with what you need to remain independent, whether it’s a few hours a week to help with cooking or grooming needs or more. Some consumers also qualify for supportive home care, which can offer greater assistance with maintaining and independent household through tasks such as housecleaning, errands, companionship, and more.

A man and a caretaker

I Need a Care Giver at Home

Independence First’s program can help eligible caregivers get paid if they currently take care of friends or family members without any compensation. We can facilitate payment for caregivers brought to us by consumers. We also have a pool of caregivers and can help you find a good fit for your needs. 


I Want to Work as a Care Giver

There are few things as rewarding as being a Care Giver to a person with disabilities, helping that person live in a caring, loving environment in their own home. Independence First offers employment to qualified caregivers, with compensation, tuition reimbursement, medical and dental insurance, retirement savings, and more. Click one of the buttons below to fill out an application.

I have a person to care for

I do not have a person to care for

What Independence First Offers

I have a care giver, and I would like them to be paid. 

Independence First will employ your eligible Care Giver, and he or she will be on the payroll. We also offer benefits, nurse supervision, and support with any questions that may arise. 

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