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TEPP Program

Independence First receives funding from the Public Service Commission (PSC) to bring TEPP (Telecommunication Equipment Program) to Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington Counties.  We can assist with applications, equipment selection, and installation.  Qualified participants are:

 1) Wisconsin residents;

 2) People who are deaf or hard of hearing or who    have a speech, vision, or mobility disability;

 3) People who need special equipment to use a

     home telephone or adaptive cell phone equipment.

TEPP is a program to help people with disabilities to buy equipment they need in order to use basic telephone services.  TEPP is paid for by the WI Universal Service Fund (USF), funded by the PSC.

TEPP phone TEPP dock with lights

Consultations are by appointment only. Call us with any questions!


Tonya Villwock, Branch Offices Services Specialist

(414) 731-7834 V/Relay

Barbara Wick, Independent Living Coordinator

(414) 416-3331 V/Relay


Cindi Pichler, Senior AT Specialist

 (414) 226-8385 V/Relay


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Reasonable Accommodations: Independence First is committed to providing the highest degree of accessibility within its means when conducting agency-sponsored events.  Please notify our staff of your disability-related accommodation requests. 

Environmental/Chemical Sensitivities:
For the safety and comfort of those with chemical and environmental sensitivities, Independence First requests that people attending agency-sponsored events please refrain from using any perfumed grooming products such as scented soaps, deodorants, perfumes, colognes and heavily scented fabric softeners.  Independence First is a smoke-free environment; smoking is prohibited the building, and in paths of travel and doorways.