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Assistive Technology - LEND program

With the holidays over, we have time now to think about the upcoming year. Assistive Technology (AT) can be an asset at home, in school or on the job. Independence First’s AT Center has over 2200 pieces of equipment that can be used to increase safety and independence. 


AT team pose in a conference room with the contents of the AT closet

Staff pose with AT equipment in a conference room

Do you want to try a few options to figure out what would work best? Our demonstration and loan program can give you the hands on opportunity you need to make an informed choice. Do you need help finding where to purchase the right equipment, or need to know if there is funding assistance available? We can answer your questions. Do you have equipment to donate? Our reuse program takes gently used equipment and gives it away free to those who need it. Do you want to know what we have? 

Visit Our demonstration and loan devices are listed under Independence First, and our reuse equipment is listed under "LEND by Independence First."

Members of the AT team pose with mannequins in the AT center