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headshot of employee Edie Redwine

EMployee Spotlight - Edie Redwine

I am an Information and Referral Coordinator at Independence First, which means that my role is primarily getting as educated as possible on the resources available at IF as well as in the counties we serve, and distributing that knowledge to consumers in the way that best serves their needs.

While working on my undergraduate degree, I did an internship with the Milwaukee LGBTQ+ Community Center where I was able to co-facilitate their disability support group. Through that, I got to meet former employee Esther Anderson and first learn about IF and what they do. When I graduated, I decided to apply because I was impressed by the scope of their work as well as the way they treat their employees.

My favorite thing about Independence First is the people. Everyone who works here is so awesome and very welcoming, and it is really nice to be able to work alongside people from such a diverse range of experiences. Our consumers also come from all walks of life and all deserve the best, and it makes me happy that I get to work with all of them.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Work, and have some experience in a variety of advocacy work ranging from LGBTQ+ rights, to Native American rights and racial equity, and environmental justice. I have done some work regarding disability inclusion as well, but am excited to do more advocacy and to do it better now that I am part of the IF team.

My family is from an Ojibwe reservation in Michigan, but I have lived in Milwaukee for pretty much my entire life. I have a large extended family, but I grew up mainly just with my mom and younger sister. I was diagnosed with my disability at quite a young age, and my mom has always been my biggest advocate in that regard. I was always a very eccentric kid, but my family has always been very supportive of me and my interests, while also always willing to fight for my equal treatment, both in school and in the medical system.

I am really looking forward to making a difference, both in the lives of individuals and on a systemic level for people with disabilities all over the state and country. I am super grateful to be working with you all, and am excited for what the future holds!