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Let's go Hiking  

By Emily Cadman 


If you enjoy making new friends and being in the great outdoors, then hiking club is for you! The Independence First Hiking Club started in the summer of 2022. Originally, this club was just part of our summer programs, but our consumers enjoyed it so much that we extended the program into the winter season. 

hiking club group photo

Hiking Club poses for a group photo on a summer day

During Hiking Club last fall, we were apple picking for our first hike. Consumers and staff had fun trying to pick the biggest apple off of the trees. As we moved into the winter months, everyone looked forward to hiking in the snow. We all bundled up and raced to each other to see who could get to the trailhead first.  

selfie group photo of hiking club in winter

Group selfie of Hiking Club in the snow

The conversations that took place while on these hikes were incredible. The group really started to build community with one another. Everyone looks forward to coming back each month to catch up with their friends. Once the hikes were over, we would go into the Nature Center to warm up with some hot chocolate. As the weather starts getting warmer, staff and consumers look forward to continuing Hiking Club so we can keep coming together. 

hiking club members pose for a photo in the sun

Hiking Club members on a sunny summer trail

In Hiking Club, there's something for everyone. If you participate, you have the chance to have new experiences, make new friends, get some fresh air and enjoy the beauty of nature. All parks and hiking trails Independence First visits are accessible to everyone who would like to participate. 

group selfie of hiking club on a winter hike

Group selfie on a winter hikie

If you or someone you know would be interested in joining a Hiking Club this summer, please give Independence First a call! We would love to have more individuals join in on the fun. See you on the trails! 

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