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Independent Cooking - Community Learning

A partnership with Goodwill Workforce Connections - James O. Wright


Independence First is dedicated to offering meaningful education and skills training to help people in our community live independently.  When we saw the participants from the Goodwill Workforce Connections in the kitchen here at Independence First, followed by the smell of delicious food, we had to investigate!   

Our workshop, Independent Cooking, helps participants from the Goodwill Workforce Connection Center – James O. Wright, create delectable delicacies in the kitchen here at Independence First on Monday mornings.  

Workshop participants enjoy eating food they prepared

 The participants in Independent Cooking learn from weekly themes such as “Safety in the Kitchen” and “Dietary Modifications” while learning mindfulness and healthy-eating while having control of what they create. Participants have created delicious meals such as turkey spaghetti, guacamole, and diabetic-friendly hamburgers.  

Cooking workshop group enjoy diabetic friendly burgers they made

Yer and workshop participants enjoy diabetic-friendly burgers they cooked

When asked about the workshop, co-facilitator and Youth Leadership Coordinator Yer Thao says, “The participants learn cooking skills and have control over what we cook during the workshop. It’s a great opportunity to build confidence when cooking, teamwork, and collaboration which each other, but most importantly, build the skills to live an independent life.” 

Troy Smith cooks a burger on the stove

Troy Smith cooks up a burger

Independence First also partners with the Goodwill Workforce Connection Center - James O. Wright for additional workshops such as "Making Proud Choices," "Mindfulness and Safe Relationships / Safe Spaces," and many more. 

Is your organization interested in partnering with Independence First? Contact us!