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A parasailing adventure!

Emily Cadman is an Independent Living Coordinator at Independence First. Emily recently went on vacation to Florida and had exciting adventures like parasailing - so we had to learn more! Emily shared a bit about the trip and some fun photos you can check out below. 

IF employee Emily Cadman and her service dog Venus

Emily and Venus

“I visited Treasure Island, Florida with five of my friends who also have disabilities. We had a pretty good time. We get a lot of strange looks when other people see so many wheelchairs rolling down the sidewalk, living life. Parasailing was the big highlight of the trip. We also spent time at the beach. I was able to rent two beach power wheelchairs for a couple days so could enjoy strolling at the beach. We also swam and hung out by the pool.”

A group of girlfriends on vacation

Emily Cadman and six other women along with a blowup toy pose for a photo

“I met this group of friends through a dance camp in California called the Rollettes Experience. The weekend is hosted by an all-woman wheelchair dance team. It’s a woman empowerment weekend full of panels, workshops and dance classes. I have met some of my best friends because of this event.”

When asked what parasailing is like, she shared, “Parasailing is a fun activity where you sit in a sling and are able to fly in the air while being tethered to a boat. I have never done it before, but I’ve always wanted to try. I’m always willing to try new things.”

Emily and a friend parasailing

Emily and a friend are lifted into the sky on a parasail with an instructor in the foreground

“Getting in the sling and into the air was challenging. You sit on the boat until they’re ready to lift you in the air. I had to use what little core strength I have, to hold myself up.


Emily and a friend parasailing high in the sky

"Once I got in the air, it was the most calming feeling. When you’re up in the air, everything is still and peaceful. We could see the surrounding islands and feel the breeze on our faces. It’s like the whole world disappears for a second and everything is quiet.”