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For immediate release: August 10, 2021
Contact: Myra Sanchick, or 414-628-1795

Independence First applauds Governor Evers' veto of voting bills

Independence First would like to thank Governor Evers for protecting the voting rights of people with disabilities by taking action today on voting bills that we have opposed. We have a saying, “Nothing about us without us” and voting allows the disability community to have a voice. The bills vetoed today would have significantly restricted the ability of voters with disabilities, older adults, and many other Wisconsin voters to participate in the electoral process.

The recent publication of Voting Rights Are Human Rights: In Our Own Voices shares the concerns of voters with disabilities and their allies about the voting bills that the Governor vetoed today. These bills would have created new barriers and affected the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of Wisconsinites with disabilities, older adults and other voters. Voters with disabilities already have numerous barriers to voting including lack of transportation, polling places that are inaccessible, complex medical conditions, difficulty obtaining photo ID, less access to technology and the internet and more.

The decision to attempt to limit the voting rights of people with disabilities is misguided and hopefully not to be repeated. Adding more administrative hurdles and penalties for voters or people trying

Independence First applauds Governor Evers’ veto of voting bills

to help voters is not fair or wise. The goal should always be to make it easier for our citizens to participate in elections – not
harder. Independence First and the other Centers for Independent Living will continue outreach with the legislators to educate them on the issue.

We again thank Governor Evers for taking action to prevent our voting rights from being diminished, and to protect the people who may inadvertently break the proposed laws by assisting people with disabiltiies.

Link to document: Voting Rights Are Human Rights: In Our Own Voices

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Independence First is Metro Milwaukee's first resource for people with disabilities. Independence First fights for change in systems that stand in the way of equal opportunity and inclusivity. We work with other advocacy agencies and with community leaders, employers, and the public for awareness. Independence First also works with people to advocate for themselves in any situation that impedes equality.