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Milwaukee disability voting rights event demonstrates ExpressVote machine

To celebrate Disability Voting Rights Week, voters with disabilities and Milwaukee leaders gathered to speak about inclusivity and accessibility at polling places Monday.

Scott Luber is the vice chair at Independence First, where the event was held. Luber thanked Chief U.S. District Judge James Peterson for his recent ruling that allows disabled voters to receive assistance when returning absentee ballots.

"There were a number of elections recently that I did not vote in because I feared that I would be breaking the law by doing so, by having assistance in submitting my absentee ballot," Luber said.

In July, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that absentee ballot drop boxes would only be available at voting sites. Martha Chambers, a voting rights advocate at Disability Rights Wisconsin, said that more can be done to improve inclusivity.

Read the full article and listen to the audio story HERE.