Brand Guidelines and commitment to accessibility

  • The IndependenceFirst logo is available in vertical (stacked) as well as horizontal layout in a variety of file types for AUTHORIZED use by partners in black/white, grayscale, 2 color and full color versions.
  • The “official” IndependenceFirst color is PMS Pantone 300 blue.
  • The logo is designed to be translucent over any color of background but should be used over a solid, high contrast background for maximum readability but can be used in a white box on a colored background.
  • The logo should have a minimum clear space surrounding logo equivalent to height of the “I” in IndependenceFirst logo.
For logo authorization, contact Myra Sanchick at 414-226-8334 V/Relay.

  • IndependenceFirst’s images and videos are copyrighted by IndependenceFirst and should be used only with permission. 
  • Subjects in photography and videos must sign waivers for use of their image by IndependenceFirst
  • Revocation is at the discretion of the subject and should be given by email or written request.
For image or video authorization, contact Myra Sanchick at 414-226-8334 V/Relay


IndependenceFirst is committed to producing accessible content for people with any disability to access.  Because of this commitment we operate under certain guidelines including:
  • Any video produced by IndependenceFirst shall be captioned and available for viewing at our YouTube Channel 
  • Any print materials should be printed if at all possible at a minimum of 12 point font size for readability.
  • The IndependenceFirst website should be evaluated for accessibility and to the extent possible follow a minimum 508 compliance but ideally follow access to W3C website guidelines.
For EEO and LEP policies, see Employment Policies 

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