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Business Accessibility

Increase diversity, market share and access at your business.  Develop a new product line targeted at the aging or disability market. We can help!
Accessibility Services:
  • Accessibility consultation – new construction & remodeling. Site surveys or blueprint review - our staff go beyond code compliance (though they know that too) to help you be truly functionally accessible to older adults and people with disabilities.
  • ADA technical assistance Got a quick access question? We know the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  • Universally-designed floor plans – Our office is a model for business accessibility. Tour us. We can tour you too and help.
  • Program accommodations – Access isn’t just barrier removal in the physical environment. Simple things can send a welcome signal to older adults and people with disabilities.
For more information, contact Brian Peters, Community Access & Policy Specialist, at (414) 937-5912 VP/Relay.  

Diversity and Training Services:
  • Disability awareness training – Whether it’s an ADA settlement decision requiring disability awareness training or you want to understand your target audience better, we give short to long format presentations.
             Learn about Disability Awareness Training



  • Offsite ideation and meeting spaces – Need a different location for your meeting? We have rooms accommodating up to 100 people. Call 414-291-7520 V/Relay


  • Workforce and ergonomic accommodations for your employees. We are the designated Microsoft Accessibility Center for Wisconsin and work in assistive technology and workforce accommodations Contact Cindi Pichler

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