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Business Accessibility

Build your business by opening your doors to more customers, diversifying your workforce and eliminating future access complaints.

We can help!

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Whether you are planning a building or renovation project, brainstorming growth strategies or have just received an access complaint, we can help you meet accessibility requirements and reach new customers and job candidates.

We have options to fit ALL needs.
Our services range from a simple walkthrough to quickly note potential barriers to a detailed report outlining barriers, code references and remedies.

Accessibility Consultation
Service Options

Readily achievable barrier removal
Learn about easy steps you can take to improve accessibility.

Alteration or renovation consultation
If you are planning a project, we can help you identify barriers and how to resolve them.​

Blueprint review​​
We will review your proposed construction or renovation blueprints.

Just beginning a project?
Include us from Day One. It’s easier—and more economical—to do it right the first time than make corrections after construction. “Start to finish” involvement can begin at concept phase, through blueprint review, construction and completion.

For more information and pricing, contact Brian Peters, Community Access & Policy Specialist, at (414) 937-5912 VP/Relay.  


Workplace Disability
Awareness Training

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Our Training Covers:
  • Disability etiquette
  • How to create a diverse, inclusive atmosphere
  • Laws: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and revision of section 503 of the Rehabilitation Act
  • Reasonable accommodations and disability disclosure
  • Easy ways to make your office more accessible
  • Tax incentives & new government initiatives to enhance the hiring process
These trainings are appropriate for any member of your workforce who interacts with employees or customers.

Trainings can be customized to meet the needs of your staff. Call for pricing.

For questions or to set up your training, contact the Independent Living Program Director at 414-226-8331 V/Relay and take the next step into your company’s future.


Offsite ideation and meeting spaces – Need a different location for your meeting? We have rooms accommodating up to 100 people. Call 414-291-7520 V/Relay or submit a room rental information request


We have extensive experience in assistive technology and workforce accommodations.
Contact Cindi Pichler

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