Young woman using wheelchair playing video game using adaptive controller, along with man

Independence 1st Place Adaptive Gaming & E-Sports program brings people with and without disabilities together to play video games! Available adaptive controllers can empower people with disabilities to participate in all of the gaming fun that they are often excluded from if a traditional controller won't work for them.  We also offer a wide choice of all kinds of games to play in a safe and relaxed setting. 

Video games and e-sports specifically have been shown to:
  • Promote socialization and  increase self-esteem
  • Help build teamwork and improve cooperation skills
  • Enhance creativity, decision-making and problem-solving abilities
  • Improve self-agency, perseverance and resilience
And most importantly, they are FUN!

Contact Chris Hege at 414-226-8367 V/Relay to learn more about our upcoming Adaptive Gaming and E-Sports events. 

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