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Assistive Technology

Independent living can be achieved using low or high tech assistive devices. Sometimes just an app! Our 26 years of experience can help.

Our experienced staff has information on assistive technology and adaptive equipment. Our Assistive Technology Loan and Demonstration Center offers 1000+ items to try. Formal and informal assessments, advocacy, information and referral, and equipment trials are services available through this program.

Make informed choices about adaptive equipment, and find cost effective ways to meet their adaptive equipment needs.

Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program: We have received funding to offer the Telecommunications Equipment Purchase Program (TEPP). TEPP is a program to help people with disabilities to buy equipment they need in order to use basic telephone services.  TEPP is paid for by the WI Universal Service Fund (USF), funded by the PSC. Please visit the TEPP page for more details

General Assistive Technology Program FAQs:

Who is the program for?

Anyone, of any age, with any disability, who is looking for a way to accommodate their needs through technology (low or high tech).

Type of Assistance/Information you give?

We help identify useful adaptive equipment, vendor resources, and funding resources.

Eligibility Requirements?

Must be a person with a disability, a family member or friend, or service provider.

Consumer Responsibilities/Expectations?

The consumer should be able to identify their disability and the barriers they would like to address through the use of assistive technology, as well as funding sources they currently have. The individual with the disability (or their representative) is expected to take an active role in selecting equipment and pursuing any additional funding.


Information and referral services: FREE. Assessment: fee-for-service if requested by a funder, such as DVR. Equipment trials: free in lab, $5.00 if equipment is checked out.

Contact: Cindi Pichler, 414-226-8385 V/Relay

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Program sponsored in part by funds from the WisTech Network of Device Loan and Device Demonstration Centers.

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