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We match 1:1 or groups of people wanting a little peer support, networking and sharing experiences to learn from each other. 

Peer support is based on a mentoring concept, where a person with a disability provides information, assistance, support, and/or serves as a role model for another person.  Support groups are available.

For more information on receiving peer support or becoming a volunteer peer supporter for: 

Milwaukee County service area, contact:  

Leah Simmons, Lead ILS Coordinator, at (414) 937-5913 V/VP.   

Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties’ service area, contact:

Tonya Villwock, ILS Coordinator, at (414) 226-8138 V/Relay.

Something to Talk About is a support group for men with disabilities.

Peer Power Support Group is a unique peer-based group designed to support high school students with disabilities to plan for their lives after high school.  Participants develop leadership and other skills to become better prepared to transition from high school into the adult world of employment, college and community living.  

Contact:  Harvey Ross, ILS Coordinator (414) 226-8127 V/Relay. 


We also have peer support groups for youth. Check out our Youth Leadership page.

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