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Personal Assistance Services

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Consumer and Caregiver

Many people with disabilities would rather live in the community, on their own terms, with care they need, than live in nursing homes.  We offer services that support this choice. 

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Personal Care Services in the Greater Milwaukee Area

IndependenceFirst provides Personal Care Services at home for individuals with disabilities with Registered Nurse supervision and case management for participants. 

This is often a more economical and dignified environment than nursing home care. Participants in the Personal Care Services program are funded through Medicaid Title 19. 

IndependenceFirst personal care workers
 provide Personal Care Services in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties.

IndependenceFirst considers a person's current workers for employment and respects each individual, their workers and the individual's choices for their care needs. 

To find out about Recieving Personal Care Services or becoming a Personal Care Worker, contact:  PAS Referral Line, at (414) 226-8350 V/Relay.

What are Personal Care Services?

Only certain tasks are provided in the Personal Care Service Program.  They are:
  • Assistance with getting in or out of bed
  • Assistance with bathing using adaptive equipment for showers
  • Personal hygiene, teeth, mouth, denture and hair care
  • Toileting, including use and care of bedpan, urinal, toilet and bowel program
  • Care of eyeglasses, hearing aids and adaptive equipment
  • Assistance with dressing or undressing
  • Assistance with mobility and ambulation including use of walker, cane or wheelchair
  • Simple transfers from surface to surface including bed-to-chair or wheelchair and reverse
  • Skin care, excluding wound care
  • Changing of consumers' bedding, laundering bed linens and consumer's personal clothing
  • Light cleaning in essential areas of the home used during personal care service activities
  • Meal preparation and feeding tasks
To find out about Recieving Personal Care Services or becoming a Personal Care Worker, contact:  PAS Referral Line, at (414) 226-8350 V/Relay.

Supportive Home Care Services

Supportive Home Care services help you with tasks needed at home or in the community. These services are covered by some Medicaid programs including Family Care and IRIS as well as paid for privately. 

For more information about Supportive Home Care, contact:  PAS Referral Line, at (414) 226-8350 V/Relay.

Attendant Referral Program

The Attendant Referral Program provides recruitment and referral resources for people with disabilities who want to hire and manage their own Personal Care Attendant (PCA). Participants in this program are responsible for paying their own attendant.  This program is funded through United Way.

Call (414) 226-8350 V/Relay for more information.

Become a Personal Care Worker

Now recruiting PCWs who live in Cudahy, Franklin, Oak Creek and Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee or Washington Counties!

Learn about the benefits that you can start enjoying as an IndependenceFirst Personal Care Worker. 

Call our Human Resources Department to apply: 414-226-8317 V/Relay

Attention IndependenceFirst PCWs: Personal Care Worker Training Opportunities

Please attend the paid PCW In-Service workshops designed to refine your skills and knowledge as a PCW. 

A Celebration of Caregiving

Do I Qualify for Personal Assistance Services?

Not everyone qualifies for Personal Assistance Services. To qualify you must have ALL of these qualifications and additional further screening will be required:

• You live in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington or Waukesha county.
• You have a permanent disability and are medically stable.
• You are enrolled and eligible for Wisconsin Medical Assistance services.
• You will responsibly use the services to assure your independence in the community.
• You agree to participate in the management and scheduling of your personal assistance services.
• You have an emergency back-up support or are willing to work to find or establish it.
We’re a WI Medicaid Certified Provider for:
  • Wisconsin Medicaid Forward Health/Badger Care, IRIS
  • SSI Managed Care
  • Family Care
  • Prior approval is needed before services start.

Other reimbursement sources will be considered for consumers not covered under Medical Assistance.


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