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Accessibility means more customers for small businesses

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has been around for 26 years, but unfortunately, some people are not very aware of it, and this can lead to costly accessibility mistakes and lost sales as customers with disabilities head elsewhere.
The ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program has come out with a great ADA resource, “Small Business and the ADA" This resource outlines the basic priorities for compliance that all small businesses should consider for readily achievable barrier removal, explains the standards for new construction and explains the 20% rule for renovations. It also includes information on tax credits and the obligations of a small business under Title III of the ADA.
In my role as Independence First’s Community Access Specialist, I can assist small businesses with an onsite accessibility survey and a report on steps that can be taken to remove barriers. Contact me at 414-937-5912 VP/Relay for more information.