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Tips for dealing with your parents' concerns when you want to move out

By Michael Hineberg, Independent Living Services Coordinator
Young adults with disabilities have the same drive to live independently as their peers without disabilities, but parents of people with disabilities often have more difficulty letting go. They can be overprotective. No matter how innocent the motive, young adults with disabilities oftentimes find it difficult to handle overprotective parents when they want to move out.
Here are some tips:

  1. Acknowledge their love for you by using statements such as, “I know you love me, but I need to be independent eventually. No one’s parents live forever. I’d rather make this transition now with your help, rather than later after you are gone.”
  2. Show your parents your initiative by showing them the resources you have gathered to help you move out.
  3. Take on more responsibilities at home such as laundry, cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. This will demonstrate your strengths and hopefully relieve their fears.
  4. Be gentle yet firm so you don’t “burn bridges behind you.”

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