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By Brian Peters, Community Access and Policy Specialist
As an advocate, face-time with a legislator is a very valuable opportunity to talk about issues that matter to you in person, one-on-one, instead of over the phone or as a part of a crowd in a town hall or public meeting. The ADA/Access Consumer Advocacy Team had two opportunities last week to do exactly that.

Representative Josh Zepnick visited IndependenceFirst on Monday, April 17 to discuss a proposed bill with representatives of the ADA/Access Consumer Advocacy Team. Team members Megan Chadwick, Brian Peters, Jason Ostrowski and team chair Julie Withers met with the representative to discuss the bill, which is aimed at fraudulent accessible parking permit applications. The ADA Team is excited about the bill, and will provide our opinions to our legislators when the bill is introduced in the near future.
On Wednesday, April 19, we also had County Supervisor Jason Haas visit the ADA Advocacy Team meeting to discuss County Parks accessibility information on the website. Members of the team expressed frustration about the lack of information about accessibility of parks on the website, covering facility, restrooms and parking. Supervisor Haas shared with us that the website is in the process of being completely redone, and that he would pass along our feedback to the programmers working on the new website. He was also very interested in our opposition to H.R. 620, the “ADA Education and Reform ACT of 2017.”
IndependenceFirst staff and consumer advocacy teams always appreciate the opportunity to have dialogue with legislators at all levels to share our concerns on a variety of issues.
Please check out the advocacy teams we have, and use the contact information to join!

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