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By Michael Hineberg, Independent Living Services Coordinator
Earth Day began in 1970, marking increased awareness of this planet we live on called Earth. The biosphere is interconnected and interdependent. Whatever we do affects something else. We depend on the plants and the plants depend on the earth. Our choices impact the earth which in turn impacts us. Here are some examples of this cycle: The consumption of fossil fuels depletes the ozone layer that protects us from ultraviolet light, a known carcinogen. Destruction of rain forests reduces the plant conversion of carbon dioxide into oxygen. On the list goes… everything is connected in the biosphere.

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Humans are no different; we affect each other and the earth. Our choices and behavior affect the people around us. Since I acquired my disability as a teenager, I truly realize how I am interdependent with the people in my world. I depend on the mechanic to keep my car running. I depend on the doctor to maintain my heath. I depend on friends to stay connected socially. They depend on me too. We are all interconnected with the earth, the environment and other people. Earth Day is really Interdependence Day. Whether you have a disability or not we are all interdependent on this spaceship called Earth. We must all respect each other and our planet.

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