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By Brian Peters, Community Access & Policy Specialist
The City of Milwaukee Equal Rights Commission (ERC) held a listening session for people with disabilities last night. The ERC worked with the City of Milwaukee’s ADA Coordinator and staff from IndependenceFirst and Disability Rights Wisconsin to plan the listening session. Event sponsors also included Broadscope Disability Services, Easter Seals of Southeast Wisconsin, Milwaukee Center for Independence and Vision Forward.

People with disabilities who attended the session provided feedback to the ERC about city services and infrastructure impacting access and quality of life for people with disabilities in the City of Milwaukee. They expressed frustrations about diverse topics such as snow removal, broken sidewalks, city vehicles parking in accessible stalls, mental health services and lack of housing for people with mental health issues and/or substance use disorders. There were also some complimentary words about the City of Milwaukee.
There were some city staff present, and they were very receptive to what people were saying. Some took the opportunity to volunteer their contact information should future problems arise. A member of the ERC also spoke of an app, MKE Mobile, that can be used to report issues.
MKE Mobile in app store
City of Milwaukee’s accessibility page
City of Milwaukee Sidewalk Accessibility Form

Please contact us at 414-291-7520 V/Relay if you need assistance reporting an access issue or want to become involved in our work advocating for access improvements. 

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