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By Kristin Stern, Youth Leadership Coordinator
This summer youth with disabilities who participated in our support groups were able to experience something fun and new—we incorporated gardening into our curriculum!
IndependenceFirst received grant funding to purchase several accessible planters, which are raised off the ground several feet so that everyone can enjoy gardening.  
During our first meeting in June, youth from the summer girls and boys support groups enjoyed getting their hands dirty while we filled the planters with soil and planted various vegetables such as peas, radishes, peppers and tomatoes as well as various flowers.

Kristin and Girls First participant water garden
Youth met once per week and during our meetings we checked on the garden, watered and weeded. Youth learned how to successfully nurture and care for something. They took great pride in watching their flowers and vegetables grow.
Gardening has been shown to reduce stress and calm nerves. It can help youth with mental health disabilities better manage their emotions and behavior. And it is very empowering to take care of something. The youth felt more free to share their thoughts and feelings outside in a calming environment rather than inside in a conference room.
By the last meeting of the summer groups, the youth were able to pick and eat what they grew. Our first gardening endeavor was very successful and we plan on repeating it again next summer.

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