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By Harvey Ross, Independent Living Services Coordinator
I find it interesting how a lot of people in society view people with disabilities as if we are inferior in some way. I have witnessed it and been confronted with it myself—situations in which a person without a disability talks down to a person with a disability or acts as if the person with the disability will have a hard time comprehending, without knowing anything about that person. 
The way people with disabilities are portrayed in movies/entertainment is usually not in a positive light. So imagine if you have never encountered a person with a disability and all your information is based on how society portrays us to be. It can be very frustrating trying to get people to understand that people with disabilities aren’t all alike.
A disability can occur at any time, whether it’s from a car accident, a slip and fall, horsing around, sports, violence, etc. No one is exempt from perhaps obtaining a disability at some point in their life, but there’s a huge disconnect between the disability community and people without disabilities—whether it’s a lack of resources or just a lack of respect for people who are not considered equal. There are so many instances where the lack of respect is shown, whether it’s misusing accessible parking, inaccessible buildings or discrimination in the workplace. Although there are many laws set in place to prevent discrimination and ensure accessibility, discrimination and lack of accessibility are still issues in this day and time.
I wish people without disabilities would stop making assumptions about people with disabilities and would become aware of the issues we face regarding discrimination and lack of accessibility.

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