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By Brian Peters, Disability Rights & Access Specialist
For the past few sessions, there has been an “ADA Notification” bill in Congress which would require written notice from a person with a disability (or their lawyer) to businesses in order for the person with a disability to be able to assert their rights when businesses are not accessible. H.R. 620, “ADA Education and Reform Act of 2017” was voted on yesterday in the House, and passed by a vote margin of 225-192.
Under H.R. 620, people with disabilities would be required to provide businesses a written notice of inaccessibility, and then the business would have up to 60 days to respond. The business then has another 120 days to remedy the barrier. Yes, you read that right—180 days! That’s approximately half a year! The ADA was passed 27 years ago, so businesses have already had 27 years to make the changes required by the law.
The vote was largely along party lines, Republicans in favor, Democrats opposed, although there were some crossover votes such as Representative Sensenbrenner who voted against the bill. Of the 12 Democrats who voted for the bill, a few of those co-sponsored the bill.
In Wisconsin, Representatives Grothman, Gallagher and Duffy voted in favor of the bill while Representatives Moore, Sensenbrenner, Pocan and Kind voted against it. Paul Ryan, as the Speaker of House, traditionally does not vote on bills.
Please contact the Representatives who voted against the bill and thank them for their vote.
H.R. 620 now goes to the Senate for consideration. Contact Senators Baldwin and Johnson to make your opinion known! Need more information? Contact Brian Peters, Community Access & Policy Specialist, at 414-937-5912 V/Relay.

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