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By Julie Alexander, Independent Living Services Coordinator

The new year has just begun and we have our first advocacy opportunity on the horizon. Yesterday, IndependenceFirst hosted a watch party for the reintroduction of the Disability Integration Act. This is a piece of legislation that if passed and signed into law would allow people with disabilities in any state of the nation to have funding for Community Based Services as well as services in a nursing home. It would be each individual’s choice.
Disability Integration Act Watch Party
Attendees at the IndependenceFirst Disability 
Integration Act Reintroduction Watch Party.

Right now, individuals who are hospitalized or who run into health issues and have an ongoing need for care only have funding from the government to support living in a nursing home as a guaranteed benefit. Most of the time, Community Based Services are less costly than the cost of a nursing home and people enjoy a better quality of care living at home rather than living in an institution. Under the Disability Integration Act, individuals in need of care would have a choice on where they want funding to be spent—either on a nursing home stay or for Community Based Services to be provided so they can remain in their homes. At this time, Community Based Services are optional services and states have to choose to accept them before Community Based Services can be offered in the state. The Disability Integration Act makes Community Based Services mandatory as a service choice.
The Disability Integration Act will have to pass through both houses of Congress (the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives). The IndependenceFirst Long Term Care Advocacy Team is encouraging everyone to learn more about this significant piece of legislation and to also make their feelings about this legislation known to their representatives in the U.S. Senate and House. Before this piece of legislation gets passed it needs to have substantial support in both legislative branches.
If you are interested in learning more about the Disability Integration Act and how it can change the lives of people with disabilities, please contact IndependenceFirst for more information at 414-291-7520 V/Relay. A staff member in the Independent Living Department can provide you with more information as needed.

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