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By Michael Hineberg, Independent Living Services Coordinator
It is always to your advantage to know about your disability. Your work life, personal life and public life will benefit when you know the basics about your disability. 
Employment: Just as everyone needs to know their strengths and weaknesses, it is wise to know what type of jobs might not work at all for you because of your disability. With my brain injury, I must avoid jobs that require quick decision-making, quick motor skills and attention to detail.
Friendships: It is always your choice if and when you decide talk to a new friend about your disability. I usually wait a while. For me, the time is right when the friendship has reached the stage of mutually exchanging personal information. Talking about your disability can deepen the relationship. It’s up to you.
Advocacy: When you call your representative to voice your opinion about legislation affecting people with disabilities, it is powerful to identify yourself as a person with a disability. This gives your message credibility. In this case, details about your disability are not needed, but it is important to specifically state how the issue you are calling about affects you personally.
If you want to improve your ability to talk about your disability or understand it better, call IndependenceFirst at 414-291-7520 V/Relay. 

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