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By Mark Miller, PAS HR Hiring Coordinator, and Julie Alexander, Independent Living Services Coordinator
"Why vote?" This is a question that must be asked by a lot of people. The last time Wisconsin held a midterm election in 2014 it was estimated that 54.5% of eligible adults voted, which means that almost half of all eligible adults must have been thinking, “Why vote?” And then didn’t vote.
For some people, the question of “why vote” is specific only to the midterm elections, as they vote every four years in the presidential election but stay home for the midterm elections. The problem with this line of thinking is that the midterm elections are elections for your governor, U.S. Representatives, some U.S. Senators and many state and locally elected positions. These elected officials often make as many, if not more, decisions regarding healthcare, education, taxes and disability rights as the president who is only elected every four years.

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There are others who want to vote but may not know the process or how to get started. When you are a newer voter or perhaps haven’t voted in a long time, there are questions you might have including: How do I register? Where do I vote? When is the election? What identification do I need to bring with me? Maybe some voters with disabilities would find it easier to vote with an absentee ballot that is mailed to their home as opposed to going to a polling location.
The IndependenceFirst Long Term Care Advocacy Team is assisting in the effort to increase voter turnout for the upcoming 2018 elections. We are doing this by assisting people with voter registration, as well as assisting individuals with the process of requesting absentee ballots. We held one such event during the IndependenceFirst Stride & Glide Run and Walk and we are looking into other venues.
The Long Term Care Advocacy Team will keep the public informed about our ongoing  work to promote voter participation in the 2018 elections, and will continue to promote community events such as the July 17 Celebration of National Disability Voter Registration Week and Turn Out the Disability Vote that will be held at IndependenceFirst on July 17.
Why Vote? Because we are counting on you to make a difference!
For help with disability-related voting questions, call the Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline, 844-DIS-VOTE (844-347-8683) V/Relay.

Upcoming Election Dates
8/14/2018 Partisan Primary
11/6/2018 Fall General Election
For more information about the Long Term Care Advocacy Team, contact Julie Alexander, 414-226-8378 V/Relay.

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