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As far as being a father with a disability goes, I think it’s a unique situation to be in. I have two daughters and all they know is me having a disability. They were very young when I acquired my disability so since all they know is me having a disability their perception of me is geared around my present situation and stories of my past from family and friends.
Parenting my daughters (who are now adults) had its ups and down. I was firm with them, open and honest about everything. I talked with them about guys, relationships, sex and anything else you could think of. Sometimes we would have issues, especially as they got older, and like many parents I was not always sure of the best way to handle it nor am I sure that I always handled things correctly. I tried to make different parenting choices than the way I was raised related to discipline.
One thing that made my parenting easier is being independent, which consisted of living on my own and driving. I was able to show my daughters that despite my situation I and others with disabilities are able to live very productive lives despite what society says. We went on road trips to visit family members and to my rugby tournaments where they had the chance to meet and see other athletes/people with disabilities be productive members of “society.” I think it had an impact on their lives in the way they see the world and the people in it! I also have aspirations of getting married and having another kid or two with where I am in life now. 

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