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By Tonya Villwock, Independent Living Services Coordinator—Branch Offices
Summer is not one of my favorite seasons for one reason—the heat. I cannot stand the stifling heat. While I do enjoy being outdoors and being active, the heat is a deterrent for me when I have plans. I brought this subject up at several of the groups I facilitate and several consumers agreed that the heat is a barrier in their lives. I decided that instead of thinking about what I hate about summer, I should simply think about what I enjoy.

Compiled with the help of a few consumers, here is a list of 10 things that can be enjoyed over summer.
1.    Opening the windows in your house or car on a cool, breezy day
2.    The days are longer and it is lighter out longer
3.    Fireflies
4.    Swimming/playing with water
5.    Not having to wear a winter coat—no heavy clothes or layering
6.    Taking a vacation
7.    Participating in summer recreation (boating, fishing, sports, etc.)
8.    Fireworks
9.    In-season fruit like strawberries. Mmm!
10.  All of the fun to be had at amusement parks, fairs, festivals and camps
What are some of the things YOU like about summer? 

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