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By Harvey Ross, Independent Living Services Coordinator
In light of everything that has happened with the shooting in Florida and the protest this past weekend, I have been thinking. I often question what and why people pick and choose what we stand up for. In my opinion violence is violence regardless of color of skin, area code or class. My goal is not to take any shine from what our young people are doing across the country but I wonder why it isn’t it a movement when thousands of minorities in “poor” communities are either murdered or left with disabilities like spinal cord injuries, which create a whole different numbers of problems for them and the community. Now you have individuals with health issues that may prohibit them from getting a job or getting a “higher” education if they wanted to. Along with having heath issues now there needs to be a support system set up to help them transition from the hospital into the community “successfully.”
Gun violence is a major part of American history. The interpretations of the second amendment that have been followed have led to there being way too many guns, including weapons of war like assault rifles. (If you can’t use assault rifles to hunt animals why are they available for purchase?)
The way American culture views violence combined with the proliferation of guns leads to all kinds of arguments being solved with guns, rather than the multiple other ways they could be solved. I obtained a disability from a gunshot, and I was not armed. There was another way to solve that argument, but instead I was shot and obtained a spinal cord injury.
I hope youth and adults will come together and make changes related to how we view violence in American culture, as well as make changes to reduce the number of guns and eliminate access to assault rifles.

| Wednesday, 3/28/2018 - 1:30 PM | 2 comments
Harvey Ross
Thanks for the great response, Kathy! I cannot disagree and I hope that we all learn we have more in common than we care to realize and regardless of what section of our country there’s a problem, it’s our problem as a whole!
4/6/2018 5:43:58 PM

You are completely right about the gun violence that kills, cripples people and comunities. Everytime I see another person paralyzed by senseless behaviors like gun violence or stolen cars, it is hurtful to even those who have not been directly afected. I do not know when America will finally focus on its own people totally, internally. Granted, other countries suffer with proverty and disease but taking care of home always come first. Trillions of dollars can help restore broke lives , bodies, and communities. Get home America, we need our help.
4/4/2018 12:43:25 PM

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