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We would like to share a touching story of one individual in our community.

We were recently contacted by a woman who had an incredible story to share with us. We knew that this was something that we wanted to pass on to the members in our community.

"Brandon is a young man with Fragile X syndrome who loves his sports.
He plays on the Franklin team for Special Olympics basketball and plays on the New Berlin team for Special Olympics softball.  Not only does he like to play different sports but he will watch multiple games simultaneously. He could have a Bucks game on TV and he is watching MLB scores on his phone. Spring training for MLB baseball just started three days ago and he has already watched a number of games. Any chance of going to a local game of any type he is ready to attend. Should it be Milwaukee Bucks, Milwaukee Admirals, Marquette Warriors, Wave Soccer, or Milwaukee Brewers he is always eager to attend a game.
But when he came home from an Admirals game and said he wanted to be the next human hockey puck I was skeptical for a moment. I guess it was the mom in me always wanting to protect yet knowing I want him to hold high expectations, to raise the bar, to try new things and be independent. What I have instilled in him was now testing me. After he had asked me multiple times I knew this was something he really wanted to do. After thinking about this request I knew I had to make it happen. I reached out to Meghan from the Admirals to inquire if they had any openings for the human hockey puck. I explained that Brandon had special needs but him and I both felt this was something he could do successfully. She came back with a date for a game and it just so happen to be the game on February 19th that was promoting accessibility. This could not have been be a better night for this to happen the 30th anniversary of ADA. To recognize this anniversary the Admirals organized a resource fair throughout the arena featuring many of the services that one can seek out should they need assistance. Represented that evening was Independence First, Goodwill, Iris/TMG, and many others.

For this special event we were presented with an exclusive certificate that granted Brandon access to the gathering location for this event. I brought the certificate with me to the game but had not mentioned to Brandon about the special surprise that awaited him. When Roscoe came to our section we had him visit Brandon and present the certificate to him. No one better than Roscoe to reveal such an unexpected surprise. As he lit up and smiled from ear to ear the fun was just about to begin. We headed down to the designated area to meet our fellow team mates. We then suited up for the event and received all the rules for safety. Meanwhile, I had a lot of mixed emotions inside of me. Of course so happy that his special request was granted but what if something went wrong but no time to worry about that now because we are at the edge of the ice rink and the crowd is ready. The human hockey puck team heads to the top of the ice rink where the huge sling shot is ready to load the human hockey puck participants. The four participants introduce themselves to the crowd with their name and home city. The human hockey team is a sponsored event by Kwik Trip and the concept of the game is based on bowling. Each human hockey puck was equipped with a helmet, padded gloves and sits on a saucer sled. They are then loaded into this huge sling slot and released in an effort to slide across the entire rink to the other side and knock down the large foam Kwik Trip towers. As you approach the towers you spread your body open in an effort to knock down as many towers as possible. The participants then all gather together and the crowd votes on the winner. They started the voting with announcing participants one, waited for a vocal vote and repeated this with participant two and three. Each had subtle roars from the crowd. Then it was time to present Brandon to the crowd for a vote. The entire arena rocked with a vocal vote that rocked the arena. As happy tears started to pour from my eyes I knew this special request was fulfilled in a way I never had imagined."
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