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By Mara Henningsen, Director of Personal Care Services & Innovative Programs

If you or a loved one need assistance at home, what type of assistance is the right care? Skilled Care? Personal Care? Supportive Home Care?

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Skilled Care Services are generally hands-on services provided by a licensed professional and are generally short term in nature. Specific goals are established for improvement or maintenance of function. Once those goals are met, skilled care ends. Skilled care is more specific and finite in nature and may include services provided by physicians, nurses, physical or occupational therapists, social workers and other skilled medical providers. Skilled care services are generally covered by Medicare, Medicaid and/or commercial insurance carriers. Skilled care services include wound care, intravenous therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, injections, hospice care and medical social services. At this time, IndependenceFirst does not provide skilled care but can help direct you to resources that do provide that level of care.

Becky and Mike
Becky has been working as an art teacher for nearly 25 years because of the assistance she receives with Activities of Daily Living from IndependenceFirst Personal Care Worker Mike. 

IndependenceFirst does, however, provide Personal Care Services and Supportive Home Care Services to individuals with disabilities who live in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington and Waukesha counties. These services are generally covered by Wisconsin Medicaid programs including Badgercare, SSI Managed Care, Family Care, IRIS, Partnership, PACE and Badgercare Plus HMOs, as well as by privately paying for them. Medicare and commercial insurance does not cover long-term personal care services.

Personal Care Services have a goal of ongoing assistance with specific care that is outlined in a medically-based plan of care that helps the individual maintain the highest quality of life possible in their home and community. This plan of care is signed off on by the physician and overseen by a registered nurse.
Personal Care Services include Activities of Daily Living such as: bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, incontinence care, transfers, oral hygiene and assistance with mobility and ambulation. They also include Medically Oriented Tasks such as: catheter site care, feeding tube site care, bowel program, respiratory assistance and range of motion exercises.
Supportive Home Care Services help an individual with tasks that he or she needs at home or in the community. Some of these tasks are covered by some Medicaid programs such as Medicaid Waivers or Family Care Programs. Others pay out-of-pocket for these services. Supportive Home Care Services may include: house cleaning, laundry, yard work, errands, accompanying an individual in the community, companionship and cooking.
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