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By Mara Henningsen, Director of Personal Care Services & Innovative Programs

At IndependenceFirst, we provide personal care services at home for individuals with disabilities with RN supervision. Personal care includes assistance with activities of daily living such as getting in and out of bed, getting dressed, bathing, eating and more. 

Trusting your caregivers is essential. Being able to choose your own caregivers allows you to choose trustworthy and reliable care workers. At IndependenceFirst, you choose your own care workers—because trust in care and your rights are important to us.

“I appreciate IndependenceFirst for giving [my daughter] the opportunity to work for me,” says Dorothy (pictured above, left). IndependenceFirst hired her daughter Latrice (pictured above, right) as her personal care worker. “That’s better than trying to go through a nursing home,” Dorothy explains. “She knows me. That’s what makes it better.”
IndependenceFirst helps people with disabilities live with dignity in their own homes.
With her daughter Latrice and other personal care workers, Dorothy lives in her own home instead of a nursing home thanks to the Personal Care Services she receives through IndependenceFirst. Her care is supervised and her care needs coordinated by her IndependenceFirst Registered Nurse Melissa.
Are you looking for Personal Care Services that you can trust?
IndependenceFirst has been a trustworthy provider of Personal Care Services throughout Milwaukee, Waukesha, Ozaukee and Washington Counties since 1991. IndependenceFirst provides Personal Care Services to individuals who are enrolled in Medicaid, Badgercare Plus, SSI Managed Care, Family Care and other programs or who have other financial resources.
IndependenceFirst has Registered Nurses who are fluent in English and other languages and who look forward to working with you and your care workers.
IndependenceFirst has immediate openings and no wait lists.
IndependenceFirst offers excellent benefits to your personal care workers such as medical and dental insurance, retirement savings, tuition reimbursement and more.
IndependenceFirst is your trusted resource. Call us today at 414-226-8350 V/Relay.

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