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By Peter Lucas, Independent Living Services Program Assistant
Individuals with Asperger’s tend to be more prone to stress, anxiety and depression. Everyone experiences stress, but for people with Asperger’s, just fitting in takes a lot of energy, which can cause anxiety. All of this on top of the normal day-to-day stressors can lead to burnout or even a meltdown, which can ultimately lead to depression.
Four skills for stress management include awareness, acceptance, coping and action, according to Sometimes stress is anticipatory and it can be helpful to get as much information as possible ahead of time. Try to plan ahead and gain as much knowledge and information about the upcoming event as possible.
We must also accept that there are things that are beyond our control, which sometimes means changing our own behaviors. There are many things beyond our control but the one thing we have the most control over is ourselves and how we confront our fears and react to certain life circumstances. We need to avoid ruminating over things that may or may not happen because it doesn’t change things. Maintaining good physical health by eating right and getting plenty of sleep and exercise is also key in managing stress.
We also need to have self-knowledge of how we react to stress and what works for us to overcome it. For individuals with Asperger’s, our special interests can make for good healthy stress relief. It is also critical that we have a good support system in place, which can include acquaintances or family members that we trust. Finally, be positive: attitude is everything.
Effective ways of dealing with anxiety include keeping a journal or various relaxation techniques such as yoga, Tai Chi or Qi Gong. Other good ways to relax include listening to music or taking a warm bath or shower.
For more information on this topic, consider attending the Adult Asperger’s Educational Group on Thursday, December 12, from 6-8 p.m. at IndependenceFirst. Renee Genin of Connections will be presenting on anxiety and stress reduction. For more information contact me at 414-226-8379 V/Relay.

We also offer many additional support groups and workshops. View the full listing here

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